2011 Activities

In 2011 Math on the Move visited three Saskatchewan communities. On April 14 we began with a visit to the grade nine and ten classes at the Davidson High School. On April 19 we visited the grade ten class in Goodsoil and were joined by the grade 10 class from Pierceland. On the way back to Regina on April 20 we visited the grade nine and ten class in Maymont. At each of the three schools the students were divided into four teams and the teams rotated through four activities. The activities were designed and facilitated by University of Regina education students majoring in mathematics, Regan Bompais, Samantha Douglas, Kristine Kostyniuk, and Lynda-Rae Schmale. A fifth University of Regina education student, Andrea Rogers, managed the arrangements and kept the activities on time.

The activities were a Sudoku challenge; Die Hard Math, a logical puzzle from the movie Die Hard With a Vengeance; bridge building with marshmallows and toothpicks; and river crossing logical puzzles. Point were awarded to the teams at each station and the activities ended with a collection of short problems for each team culminating in naming a winning team for the half day of activities.

Follow the links to the individual communities to see some photographs of the day's activities.

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