2012 Activities

In April and May 2012 Math on the Move visited seven Saskatchewan communities with inquiry based activities for grade nine and ten students. The Math on the Move crew consisted of two faculty members and five students. The faculty members were from mathematics and mathematics education and the students were education students, majoring in mathematics.

At each of the schools visited the grade nine and ten students were divided into four teams and the teams rotated through four activities. The activities were designed, and facilitated by the University of Regina education students. Point were be awarded to the teams at each station and the half day of activities ended with a collection of short problems for each team, culminating in naming a winning team for the half day of activities.

The communities visited in 2012 are listed on the right along with links to some photographs.

The 2012 Math on the Move team.team 2012
Kathy Nolan, Christina Schmidt, Regan Bompais, Danielle Gomersal, Harley Weston
Samantha Douglas, Eric Crosbie

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